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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Full Moon Day with a difference--Guru Purnima!


Today is Guru Purnima---a day meant especially to pay gratitude  to your Guru, the teacher.
 The full Moon day in the Hindi month of Asadha, is celebrated as Guru Purnima.
It is in fact to honor the great sage Vyasa, the ultimate Guru, that this day is named in his memory and we see his reflection in whoever is our Guru.
 Now, who is a Guru?
Anyone who teaches you something, is a Guru. It is with the guidance of the Guru, that you are able to understand and connect with the Almighty.
 And their imparting of knowledge to their Shishya is selfless.
So, do not miss the opportunity and the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima to pay your heartfelt respects to your Guru, who has shaped you as you are.

 Of course, your mother is your first Guru. She teaches you to talk, to walk, to eat--in fact everything controlled by the sensory organs.
 Your father has as much role in shaping you as an ideal human being as your mother.
All through our life, we are guided by our parents, to follow the path of truth by means of patience, hard work and sincerity.
 No prayer can be complete without feeling grateful to your parents. 
Then you have your teachers at school, at college, who do hard work to shape your career  and feel so proud and happy to see each one of you achieving an identity of your own. We should never forget their contribution in our life.
Then you have your grandparents,  brother, sister, friends and even children who teach you or inspire you to learn something or the other.
 Be grateful to each one of them.
 Because a Guru is someone, who teaches you something, without any self interest. Today is the day to feel obliged to all of them.
Is it not great that we have one day especially  devoted to  show our respect to the------- Guru.
Wish you all a happy and blissful 

Chitrangada Sharan

Chitrangada Sharan
image source: Google images